The Life of Mariana

The New Year

Since the day after New Year I’ve cut sugar and most carbohydrates from my diet . I feel at least 95% better, have energy, much less pain and am getting things done. It’s not as much fun as eating candy and cookies all day but I could see that I was ruining my body and at my age I don’t have much time to recuperate every time I do that. I mean it was frightening how much sugar was making every day so painful. I have Fibromyalgia and low back problems (from two falls that fractured vertebrae – doing stupid things like standing on chairs and desks to put up art) and digestive issues (old age perhaps is the cause) but now that I’m feeling so much better I realize I was the cause of my own ill health. I’ve been mourning the death of my son, Josh, going on 7 months now, and wallowing in sadness, I ate to make myself feel bad. I know this makes no sense but part of me said because he’s gone I can’t be happy and feel good, so I did my best to create my own hell. As a family we haven’t gone to therapy because we’ve all been to lots of therapy in the past and frankly know what’s going to be said. Instead the four of us get together weekly to have a meal and discuss how we’re feeling. It’s wonderful since we just talk and help each other. I hope my new feeling of well-being lasts throughout the year.

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