The Life of Mariana

Foxy and Lucy

We spent ten years living in Mexico in Cuernavaca, home of many expats from the US and other countries. I worked for at least four of those years in the Asilo de Animales, home to 200 dogs and 100 cats. When I ended my work there, I adopted a skinny pup that I named Foxy. I wanted a little dog to keep me company when my husband went back to the States. I had picked out a little blonde cutie but the day I went to her crate to take her out, she flattened herself to the back of the crate and refused to come to me. There was furious scratching on the door of the crate next to hers so I moved over and saw a little fox like face pleading for me to open her door. I took her home with me after the asilo vet spayed her and we thought she didn’t have a voice because she was so quiet. She followed me everywhere and slept on the bed with me. She spent her days happily hunting squirrels and quietly observing our two sleek and rambunctious black labs as they played and jumped in and out of our pool. She was too much of a lady to join them.

I think she couldn’t believe her luck. When we moved back to Atlanta, Foxy came too. She had since found her voice. By now she had a collection of well chewed animal toys that she would periodically arrange on our bed or on the floor. She seemed to miss having puppies. The more she lived with us the more luxurious and soft her coat became. She fattened up into a beautiful girl. Her coat became a lovely reddish blonde.

As she aged, our daughter in law convinced us to add a puppy to the house to play with Foxy and keep her young. We saw an ad in the Nextdoor Neighbor for two Chihuahua mixes so we took Foxy with us and watched which one she played with the most and she chose Lucy. When we brought Lucy home with us, Foxy was intrigued at first but intrigue became disbelief after a few days that this crazy, wetting- the- floor newcomer was taking a great amount of the parental attention formerly reserved for her. When she realized we weren’t taking the puppy back, she began licking her and accepting her and becoming resigned to accepting the new brat, although having periodic screaming fights over food.

Lucy, after a very long time of continuing to pee and poop all over the house, has grown into a darling boba fide member of our household. When we got the carpet on the stairs professionally cleaned she stopped using it for her bathroom. She was just testing us to see if we were really going to keep her along with her annoying habit.

Now that Lucy is 2-½, she has asserted her amazing personality- that of Leader number two- who has to constantly be reminded of her place in our pack. She’s larger than a chihuahua and obviously had various daddies and who knows what for a mom – possibly a wire haired dachshund (because of her stiff fur and hilarious black beard) and turned out short front paws – and a Jack Russell, adding to her furious energy and bouncy joy. She’s incredibly intelligent and with her huge, probing black eyes will sit staring at us until we figure out that it’s mealtime, time to let her out the back door for the tenth time or snuggle time on the sofa, or that Amazon has made a delivery outside the front door.

We’ve all settled in to a nightly routine of sitting on the recliner sofa, watching shows- Foxy planted next to one of us and Lucy in my lap or John’s. She goes from one lap to the other, carefully making sure that we both have her full attention for awhile.

She’s got Foxy and us fooled into thinking we are the alpha dogs. People think the two of them are related because they’re both blondes. And so am I.

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